Which Hobbit are you?

Which Hobbit are you?

1. After people read the books or view the movie/s they are most likely to remember you as:

the hero. Go me!
a really gentle guy who turned out to have more guts than you thought he did.
They will remember my clever remarks.
that one klutzy guy...
Wait? I was in it? Oh well, at least the other characters noticed and loved me...
The villian! Mwahaha!
Let's just say I'm the one who started it all.

2. You've got a long day of marching ahead of you, and that Strider guys is leading you through a nasty swamp. You are most likely thinking:

Where's my ale when I need it?
Can I go home?
We better hurry up so I can meet my destiny.
When's second breakfast?
This reminds me of the time when I was hunting dragons...
I like evil dark places such as this. Mmmm...swamp fish for me to eat!
C'est la vie.

3. As far as hobbits are concerned, you're pretty good at...

being evil
making mischeif
telling stories and jokes

4. You are...towards your friends

incredibly loyal to your friends
a good friend, but you're a coward.
I love my friends more than anything, but usually don't show it.
Hey, if they're in trouble it's not my problem
they're great, but I'd rather be alone sometimes
friends? oh, you must mean slaves...
I'm a murderous traitor

5. **gasp** You aren't really even a hobbit, are you? Poseur!!

No. I'm a human. Kind of...
Why would I WANT to be one?
DIE POSEUR! Oh wait--that's me.
Oh no, you've found me out!
Ack! Who AM I then?!?! Identity crisis!
Can I go home now?

This quiz was made by Cora . Feel free to visit my lj and leave me rude messages/helpful insight/maniacal rantings. And yes, I stole the code, just like everyone else does... Graphics are courtesy of lordoftherings.net.